Elders are adult members of the Congregation who have been elected by the Congregation and ordained and installed to this office. An Elder, once elected, is ordained for life.

Elders are required to be faithful in the study of Scripture and prayer, live holy lives, govern, guide and assist in the maintenance of the life of the Congregation, participate in the fellowship and work of the Session, subject themselves to the authority and discipline of the Church, and seek its unity and peace. The role of the Elders is to proclaim the Gospel and, in co-operation with the Minister(s), to care for the Congregation, to discern God's will for the Congregation, to involve members in its life, and to devote themselves to the administration and organization of the Congregation.

The Session is composed of the Minister(s) and the Ruling Elders elected by the Congregation. The Session is a Council of the Church which is responsible for all aspects of the life and work of the Congregation other than the conduct of Public Worship, which is the responsibility of the Minister, who is accountable to the Presbytery in this task. It exercises spiritual responsibility for the well-being of the Congregation as a whole, and is accountable to the Presbytery for the discharge of its duties.

The Session has oversight of the members and the pastoral care, teaching, witness, fellowship, discipline and administration of the Congregation. It also has oversight over the relief of the poor in the Congregation and outside it.

The Ruling Elders of Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church are:


Class of 2024

Mary Contreras


Ruth Ann Horvath

Clerk of Session

Chris Schleter



Class of 2025

Tom Contreras

Buildings & Grounds

Ruthanne Skinner


Ray Snipes



Class of 2026

Alicia Kitzman

Congregational Growth & Care


Christian Education