On March 22, 2012, Dr. Brent Noorda, a Chiropractor, with the Balanced Spinal Care made a presentation on spinal care. Dr. Noorda practices a technique called NUCCA, which is a very gentle, precise, and effective way of restoring balance to the body. Without any popping, cracking, or twisting, NUCCA focuses on getting the body back into a balanced state where healing can begin. Dr. Noorda works with the top bone of the spine, called Atlas, to realign the body head-to-toe. Once the body alignment is corrected, pressure is released from the spinal cord and the central nervous system. The body then begins the innate process of healing.

Dr. Noorda stated that when the Atlas is misaligned it pulls and twists this sensitive part of our nervous system. Thus, both structural and neurological problems can arise. To correct the problem, very precise x-rays are needed of the skull and cervical spine to tell the doctor how to correct the patient's misalignment. The correction is done according to the information obtained from the x-rays.