At the final Brown Bag Luncheon event for this year, we welcomed as our speaker, Justin Traveller, a local Doctor of Chiropractic. In a delightfully informative talk, Justin stressed that we can improve our well-being by incorporating Seven Essentials for Good Health into our daily lives. He emphasized it is NEVER too late to adopt good health habits and all that is needed is taking that first baby step to wellness.

The Seven Essentials for Health include:

  1. Structure - It is important to learn how to stabilize our bodies, especially in the hips or pelvic area. A copy of specific exercise instructions from Justin can be found on the church website. Do not perform any exercise to the extent of causing pain.
  2. Diet and Nutrition - Make good diet choices. To assure the best nutritional benefits, choose first, fresh foods (esp. fruits and vegetables), second, frozen foods and third, canned goods. The more food is processed, the less nutritional benefit we derive from eating it. In Justin's words, it becomes "dead."
  3. Digestion - Often, our diet choices and other lifestyle factors do not allow for the body's natural process of digestion. We, as a society, have a dependence on antacids and acid prevention medications. Acid is needed to break down food and some benefit may be realized by adding naturally fermented foods to our diets such as sauerkraut and kimchi, if tolerated.
  4. Hormones - Hormones, working with our neurological systems, regulate most of our body functions. If our bodies are in a healthy balance, our hormones can function more normally.
  5. Exercise - ANY exercise you can program into your life is good exercise. We've heard it before, but doing something is better than doing nothing. Let focusing on your health become a habit.
  6. Stress - Bursts of stress serve a function and can benefit the body. Prolonged stress from any source can take its toll and learning to control stress helps all body systems.
  7. Thoughts - How we think about our bodies, surroundings and life experiences is integral to our total wellness. Taking responsibility for the Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspects of your life creates a more healthy, happy YOU!

You can listen to the audio of his presentation.

For much more information, please download Justin's handout.